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We're happy to announce that has now partnered up with currencylayer in an effort to offer you an even better free API service. To keep using our free currency API, please use the button below to get an API key.

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Very, and often. The services that collate the data and provide the rates were orginally developed by a team of researchers doing deep learning analysis of various financial instruments and indicators.

They found that the existing API's were either not updated fast enough or did not consider all of the available sources that reflect the true - exact- exchange rate. Although the margin of error available from other sources was acceptable for most scenarios, the high frequency pattern analysis that was being researched required a much higher degree of accuracy.

The rates are refreshed as soon as new and relevant data is received, there is no fixed refresh time, however most of the rates change around every 15 seconds.

The rates that are supported are the 'major' currency pairs and constitute over 90% of the global foreign exchange market. Beyond the regular sources there was significant work to be done to get the high frequency accuracy just for these pairs and these were more than enough for the research that was being conducted, most of the analysis was only done on EUR/USD/GBP. If there is enough interest there may be other currencies added in the future.

Yes, we know this makes us look evil, but it does keep it free! :)

Unfortunately we cannot currently accommodate very high frequency polling of the end points from hundreds of thousands of sources. We use the imagelink as a sort of payment-in-kind to determine which users should have priority without resorting to charging for the service,

We are happy for the API to be used for other systems too, and are also interested in collaborating with other research groups. Please contact us at [email protected] for more information.

We have been storing data since we have been providing the service and will be making this available in the near future. This will only be availble to whitelisted sources.